Setting Up Google Cloud Console For Geocode API

Setting up a google cloud console is very simple to do. With this service, we are able to have access to unlimited applications that can be used in pretty much every business setting imaginable.




An account with 



Follow These Steps To Get Access To The Geocode API


watch the video walkthrough



1. From the dashboard select “Apis and Services from the left menu

Select library in API services



2. Within the drop-down select “Library”, and search for “Geocode” and select the Geocode API

Select the geocode api


3. Enable the service


enable the geocode api service



 4. Now go back to the menu and under “Apis and Service” select “Credentials” and create a new credential by selecting the option at the top

create credentials for api


5. Select API Key and your key will be instantly generated. Choose the Restrict Key option before exiting (this is very important to keep your account access secure)


name the key and select the api restriction


restrict the api key option


restrict the api key option


Now copy the API key and keep it safe.

When it comes to applications and use cases we try to make sure that each use case is restricted to its own API key and that they are named accordingly. This way we can track usage and narrow down keys that become compromised. Its best practice to refresh these keys yearly, and monthly in commercial applications.

Video Walkthrough