Zoho For Real Estate

Zoho is an incredible option for Real Estate agents, out of the box it offers an intuitive interface for setting up email/SMS campaigns, a simple solution for connecting social media, and the ability to customize virtually every aspect of the system. But why would someone choose Zoho over other CRMS specifically made for Real Estate agents like Follow up boss, KvCore, or LionDesk? The answer to that is purely scalability. Most applications designed strictly for Real Estate agents are very restricted in what they can and cannot do, and usually allow for little to no customization to the user interface or the actual functionalities of the system itself without a substantial increase in cost. As an agent, you need a system that grows with you, and allows you to manage every part of your business including clients, properties, and vendor relationships. 

Setting Up Zoho For Real Estate

Zoho has a great article on Building a Real Estate CRM on their platform, and the guide will allow you to easily integrate with Zillow using the modified SDK they provide which offers plenty of solutions for linking properties with buyers and sellers alike.  While the guide is helpful and gives you plenty of features to work with, it’s missing some things that our Real Estate clients would say are mandatory.   What’s It Missing:
  1. No options for managing property images. All agents want the system they use to be the main entry point for all data. This would of course include property data. Ideally, an agent would want to be able to add images, features, and status updates into their CRM and have that information carry over into their MLS as well as marketing services like Zillow or Realtor. com. RGC spent months customizing a solution that does all of these things and more.
  2. Scheduling for showings. This is in our opinion the most important, but it’s something that was overlooked in this guide. When signing up for Zoho and choosing a Zoho One plan, you get access to a huge lineup of additional applications. The one we use most for showings is called “Zoho Bookings”. The main issue with the CRM and Bookings integration is that it doesn’t allow for direct relationships between the properties and the buyers/sellers. Our custom scheduling solution allows for this relationship to work seamlessly, while also affording the agent the luxury of offering automated scheduling to their clients.
  These are the main features that we found to be common challenges. Are you experiencing challenges with these features? Let us help! Our team can set up these custom solutions for you within 72 hours, and provide detailed training on using the.
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