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Case Study: Custom Reservation System for a Growing Hotel Chain

Services Provided: Custom Software Development, System Integration, Process Automation

Our latest project involved a partnership with a growing hotel chain, which was navigating the complexities of managing its operations across multiple locations. This hotel chain, renowned for its commitment to exceptional guest services, found itself entangled in a web of inefficient and disjointed systems as it expanded. Our challenge was not just to streamline their existing processes but to craft a system that could adapt to their growth and enhance the overall guest experience.

Our client, an ambitious hotel chain, was at a pivotal point in its growth journey. With each new location, the need for a more unified and efficient operational approach became increasingly apparent. The chain’s reliance on a patchwork of systems, including a basic reservation system, various communication tools, and separate point-of-sale systems for different amenities, was hindering its operational efficiency and scalability. This fragmentation was not only costly, at nearly $4,100 per month, but also detrimental to the seamless experience they aimed to provide their guests.

This bespoke system was envisioned to be the cornerstone of the hotel chain’s operational strategy, supporting its expansion while maintaining the high standards of guest satisfaction that the chain is known for.

As the hotel chain expanded, the cracks in its operational framework began to show. The use of a limited-functionality reservation system, coupled with separate domains for different services like room booking, spa reservations, and retail operations, created a disjointed guest experience and an administrative burden. Moreover, the lack of integration between these systems led to inefficiencies and missed opportunities in guest service and revenue maximization. Rhino Group Consulting was tasked with developing a solution that could consolidate these disparate elements into a cohesive, efficient, and scalable system, aligning with the hotel chain’s vision for growth and excellence in guest services.


The hotel chain grappled with several operational challenges:


Rhino Group Consulting developed a multifaceted solution to address these challenges:


The implementation of this custom system yielded remarkable results:

This project with the hotel chain is a prime example of Rhino Group Consulting’s ability to deliver customized, integrated solutions in the hospitality sector. Our innovative approach not only addressed the immediate operational challenges but also set the stage for the hotel chain’s future growth and success.