Top 3 CRM’s For Marketing Agencies

Top 3 CRM’s For Marketing Agencies



Choosing the best CRM for your company means finding that implements collaborative features, great user experience and design, and integrates with other agency tools all in service of a system that is rooted in analysis, strategy & success. 

As agencies grow, the management of clients should feel like a seamless flow of ideas & cooperation. Whether you’re a freelancer, a small agency or a burgeoning powerhouse, here is the shortlist of the best CRM’s to help marketing agencies grow, with as little pain as possible. 


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3. Drag

 This all in one software helps teams manage their workflows on Gmail from start to finish. It includes shared inboxes, Google Groups and Calendar Integrations, productivity features, kanban view, and email tracking templates & sequences. It also includes collaboration features such as delegation, reply as an alias, internal team chat, collision detection, and shared email drafts. Because it is free for solo users and freelancers, and low cost at $8 per user/month, it lends itself greatly for smaller agencies. However, even considering the Kanban view, the format may give you growing pains as your agency reaches new heights. 




2. Hubspot 

In contrast to Drag, Hubspot is attractive to agencies who have grown to support a large number of clients and employees. It helps streamline routine tasks across several employees, and helps track as a lead transitions into becoming a client, and finally manages a distribution of well connected marketing. Initially, the biggest asset is that it’s free. Smaller agencies with no established systems would benefit, but as they grow access to additional features that give Hubspot its seamless workflow – hugs – are paid. Integrating them will ensure your agency can continue to grow into its success, however it can become as costly as $400/month even before onboarding costs. 

● Marketing Hub: Manage and increase traffic and transform visitors to clients 

● Sales Hub: Skip tedious tasks by automating them, and close more deals 

● Service Hub: Better understand & meet their needs and one happy client refers another 

● CMS Hub: Easily customize and edit content management, to satisfy everyone

 ● Operations Hub: Don’t lift a finger: this hub syncs apps, consolidates customer data, and automates processes 



Zoho CRM


1. Zoho

Zoho is at the top of our list, primarily because of their flexible plans for Zoho CRM and Zoho One. The entry plan is ‘Enterprise’, which includes multi-user portals, territory management features, and custom modules and buttons. The customization of services is expansive, making it a preferred platform for smaller and larger agencies alike. In addition to the basic CRM plan, Zoho One offers access to a variety of applications to help continue to customize as the agency grows. The most powerful part of Zoho’s slew of apps lies in its ability to streamline, cut costs, and reduce the amount of time spent tabbing back and forth between other platforms. 


● Bookings: Simplifies workflow, eliminating th need for apps like Calendly 

● Sign: Say goodbye to expensive Electronic Signature apps like DocuSign 

● Books: All your money, all in one place. Manage invoices, client payments & even payroll 

● Flow: Set it & forget it: Get routine tasks done automatically 

● Social: Put your socials to work: schedule posts & measure their true impact 

● Campaigns: Customize detailed emails for clients, and create SMS sequences 

● Desk: A quick and responsive support tool for ticketing and handling customer requests 


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Top 3 CRM’s For Marketing Agencies