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Recent Projects

Streamlining E-commerce Operations for Supplements with Zoho Integration

Custom API Integration, System Optimization, Process Automation

In the dynamic and competitive realm of e-commerce, Rhino Group Consulting has made a name for itself as a beacon of innovation and efficiency. Our latest project with a prominent supplement company, specializing in health and wellness products, epitomizes our dedication to solving complex digital challenges. This company, managing multiple brands across different WooCommerce websites, faced a unique array of operational difficulties. Our primary goal was to streamline their e-commerce operations, bolster security, enhance user experience, and optimize cost efficiency, all while maintaining the integrity and individuality of each brand

Our client, a burgeoning name in the online health supplement market, juggles multiple brands, each with its distinct operational challenges. Operating separate WooCommerce sites for each brand had led to a tangled web of management issues, from order processing to inventory management and customer interaction. These complexities were further compounded by a reliance on a variety of costly third-party plugins, which added to the operational burden and financial strain.

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While specific client details remain confidential, this project stands as a testament to our capability to deliver high-quality, customized intranet solutions for large organizations.

Project Location

San Diego, CA


The challenges faced by “Supplements” were multifaceted:


Rhino Group Consulting implemented strategic solutions to address these challenges:


The implementation of these solutions led to significant improvements:

Rhino Group Consulting's Strategic Approach

Our strategy was to address these challenges holistically. We aimed to harness the power of Zoho’s suite of products, integrating them seamlessly with the company’s existing WooCommerce platforms. This approach promised not only to simplify the operational complexities but also to secure the e-commerce environment, ensuring a safe and efficient workflow. The focus was on reducing operational costs while elevating the user experience for both the company’s staff and its customers.