Comprehensive Intranet Solution for Financial Company

Project Overview

Transforming Digital Workspaces: Centralizing and Streamlining Internal Operations

At Rhino Group Consulting, we embarked on an ambitious project to transform the internal digital landscape of a renowned financial company. 

The primary objective was to create a centralized intranet platform, meticulously designed to serve as a single point of access for all company information, tools, and technologies. This initiative was born out of the need to streamline internal processes, enhance employee engagement, and optimize organizational efficiency.

The intranet was envisioned to be more than just a repository of information; it was to be an interactive, dynamic, and integral part of the employees’ daily work life. By consolidating multiple technologies into one streamlined platform, we sought to reduce technological redundancies, lower operational costs, and create a more cohesive and connected work environment.

While specific client details remain confidential, this project stands as a testament to our capability to deliver high-quality, customized intranet solutions for large organizations.

Project Location

Dallas Texas

Our approach was to carefully assess the existing technological ecosystem within the company and identify key areas where integration and simplification could significantly impact. We focused on creating a user-centric design that was intuitive, engaging, and responsive to the unique needs of the financial sector.

Investing in Efficiency and Innovation: An Overview of Project Costs

To provide a clear understanding of our financial planning and resource allocation for the intranet project, we’ve detailed a breakdown of the total budget. This cost distribution reflects our commitment to delivering high-quality solutions while ensuring efficiency and value at every stage of the project.

Project Planning and Analysis: $1,000

Initial consultations, requirements gathering, and project scope definition.

Design and User Experience: $1,200

Creation of design mockups, user interface design, and user experience optimization.

Development and Customization: $2,000

WordPress and BuddyPress development, custom Microsoft ENTRA SSO integration, and implementation of interactive features (Org chart, LMS, etc.).

Integration and Testing: $1,000

Integrating various functionalities (directory, calendar, marketing system), and thorough testing across different platforms and devices.

Training and Documentation: $500

Preparing user manuals and training materials, and conducting training sessions for employees.

Project Management and Communication: $500

Ongoing project management, client communication, and coordination throughout the project lifecycle.

Project Timeline

Understanding the importance of timely delivery, we meticulously planned and executed each phase of the intranet project. Below is an outline of the project timeline, showcasing our efficient approach to meeting key milestones and delivering the final product within the set timeframe.

Initial Consultation and Requirements Gathering:

Duration: 10 Days
Key Activities: Stakeholder meetings, requirements analysis, project scope definition.

Design and User Experience Phase:

Duration: 20 Days
Key Activities: Creating design mockups, finalizing UI/UX, client approvals.

Development and Customization:

Duration: 30 Days
Key Activities: Creating design mockups, finalizing UI/UX, client approvals.

Integration and System Testing:

Duration: 15 days
Key Activities: Integrating various functionalities, cross-platform testing, bug fixing.

Training and Documentation:

Duration: 10 days
Key Activities: Preparing and delivering training materials, user manuals, conducting training sessions.

Final Review and Project Handover:

Duration: 5 days
Key Activities: Final client review, making any necessary adjustments, project handover, and closure.

Project Scope

In this project, Rhino Group Consulting was tasked with designing and implementing a comprehensive intranet solution for a financial company. The scope included strategic planning with stakeholders, development of a user-friendly interface on WordPress with BuddyPress, integration of Microsoft ENTRA Single Sign-On for streamlined access, and creation of key features such as an internal directory, an interactive organizational chart, a custom Learning Management System, and a marketing collateral ordering system. Rigorous testing, employee training, and ongoing support were integral to ensure seamless functionality and adoption. Our focus was on delivering a scalable and adaptable platform, aligning with the company’s operational requirements and enhancing overall internal communication and efficiency.