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Don’t Let Your Healthcare Management System Delay Your Effective Initiatives

As the world deals with the ever-rising population, healthcare providers have an imminent challenge to improve patient satisfaction, enhance healthcare accessibility, and ensure operational efficiency. 

This is where RGC comes in. Our Zoho EMR team builds effective EMR’s using Zoho to help you manage medical records, appointments, financial records, and communications all in one place. 

Why Choose RGC's Zoho EMR?​

Efficient and Proven EMR Interface Development

We’ve worked with most of the recognized names in healthcare, and we strive to grow our clients’ portfolios. Our ability to customize the full user interface per employee is one thing that is unheard of within our industry. No other EMR offers to facilitate major developmental changes as we do. 

Our Intelligent Solutions

RGC brings breakthrough software solutions that help healthcare providers revamp their financial and clinical processes. We use our healthcare industry knowledge to deliver high-quality, cost-effective care through intelligent solutions and personalized healthcare services. 


Our team of experts design full-fledged EHR and EMR system solutions with Zoho. We create solid and engaging patient portals and UI interface designs. Our EHR and EMR system solutions help improve patient care, patient engagement, improve diagnostics, and minimize costs because of the automation. 

We Understand the Language of Healthcare IT

Our experts have worked with various health technologies and standards. RGC has extensive experience in Zoho, and we strive to provide the best for our clients. 

24/7 Support

RGC support services are 24/7 and have enough resources to offer  timely services. Our dedicated team strives to obtain excellent customer feedback and provide rapid response. We monitor our systems regularly to detect potential vulnerabilities that can cause loss of data or damage. Our customer support has dedicated call and text support.  

We’re HIPAA Compliant

HIPAA-compliant websites are very crucial. At RGC, we are always committed towards compliance. Our internal compliance officer ensures that HIPAA audits are done transparently. 



Rhino Group Consulting Patient Care Management Systems

Patient Care Management Systems ​

Our experts build custom EMR’s using Zoho to improve healthcare workers’ efficiency and overall quality of care through our user-friendly systems. Our strategy ensures quick time-to-value by utilizing HIPAA-compliant solutions.

Our team of experts is equipped with the skills and experience to offer multi-platform CRM solutions together with cloud-based options. We use Zoho CRM for healthcare to provide lasting solutions for CRM integration with EHR and other patient engagements.

We also have experience in on-site assistance and cloud-based applications. Our certified consultants can migrate CRM, EHR data and combine it with other systems for a flawless user experience.

BI / Big Data Solutions for Healthcare

Business Intelligence and Big Data Solutions for Healthcare? Our healthcare data analytics are more revealing and less confusing. Our business analytics solution for healthcare helps you use electronic healthcare data to improve medical and business processes.

General Consulting Services

Our timely support services result in huge cost savings while maintaining high-quality service delivery. Over time, we've refined our processes and methodology to help businesses in the healthcare sector achieve their goals at a reasonable cost.

Healthcare Automation Testing Solutions

We have a dedicated team with extensive knowledge of healthcare systems, processes, and applications that help us conduct effective automation testing. Testing healthcare apps and systems demands high-end technology, and we're the go-to destination for that.

We Can Help You with All Your Healthcare IT Needs 

Have a new project? We’re your one-stop destination for all your healthcare IT needs. We provide outstanding care with no extended waiting times. Our effective services will keep pace and offer the best trends in healthcare